Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SuperKids Mission all about?

SuperKids Missions are one or two-week events where a team of volunteers presents a fun, interactive program for children, giving them an opportunity to have fun during the summer under the supervision of caring adults. Our goal is to provide children much-needed love and attention from caring adults while learning about God and themselves.

How is the SuperKids Mission run?

The SuperKids Mission is a five-day-per-week program that meets in area parks, playgrounds, housing projects, local beaches, or any place where children like to gather.

The SuperKids curriculum offers faith-based, fun, interactive skits, stories, games, and small group sharing time that help build character in children ages 6-12.

The SuperKids Mission is free-of-charge and run by trained volunteers. We hope we can set up a SuperKids Mission in your community.

We Need You

We need your help with Superkids.

1. Pray

2. Give

3. Volunteer

SuperKids Resources

The entire curriculum is available in print in our store. Here are the links to purchase the notebooks:


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