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The Anywhere, Anytime Outreach Program for Children.

You don’t have to travel far to spread the good news about Jesus. There are Children in your own community who have never heard of the love of Jesus Christ for them. SuperKids® Outreach Missions are all about taking the love of Jesus to children, wherever they are. Churches use the SuperKids® program and curriculum to reach out to children in their surrounding communities.

What is SuperKids®?

SuperKids Missions are one or two-week events where a team of volunteers communicates God’s Word to children wherever they are.

A SuperKids Mission can be adapted to any children’s outreach ministry and to a wide variety of settings, including public beaches, city parks and playgrounds, camps, or any other location where children gather. SuperKids is an ANYWHERE–ANYTIME program.

SuperKids is uniquely different from Vacation Bible School, in that the focus is on reaching children outside the church. SuperKids Missions are offered where children gather, rather than asking children to come to you.

This manual provides step-by-step guidance in setting up and running a SuperKids Mission based on Matthew’s Gospel

Matthew: Welcome to the Kingdom

This creative curriculum teaches about the life and mission of Jesus centered around the theme of a medieval kingdom.

Also available from Scripture Union are SuperKids programs based on:

Mark: On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

Set around an enthusiastic sports theme, this curriculum uses a team concept with players and a coach to share the Gospel message.

Luke: Good News to You

Designed around Luke as a reporter, this series provides an account of the dramatic news story of his day: Jesus.

John: Who Is Jesus?

This series is set in the context of a suspenseful investigation of Jesus’ life, with a private eye and his trusty sidekick who look for clues in the events of Jesus’ day.

What is a SuperKid?

Every child who attends your SuperKids Mission is a super kid, because she or he was uniquely created by God. But especially the title SuperKids also stands for those children who have chosen to follow Jesus and are growing in their faith on a daily basis.

You will want children to understand these two important distinctions at the start of your SuperKids Mission. Encourage every child, who is a super kid, to become a SuperKid who follows Jesus.

What is the goal of SuperKids Missions?

The overall goal of the SuperKids Mission and curricula is to share God’s love with children so that they come to know and follow Jesus and to help them learn to meet God regularly in prayer and in his Word. SuperKids Missions serve as evangelism and discipleship tools, reaching out to children who may not regularly attend local churches.

What is the format of the program?

This SuperKids Mission Kit offers educational resources to host one or two-week events in urban, suburban, or rural communities. The program has been designed for flexibility and ease of use, making it adaptable to most schedules.

Each SuperKids Mission Kit comes with start-up tips, one of the four Gospel curricula, a CD containing everything that needs to be printed for the program, and reproducible Bible Diggers Study Sheets for children, youth and older teens/adults.

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SuperKids Resources

The entire curriculum is available in print in our store. Here are the links to purchase the notebooks:


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