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Scripture Union has many opportunities to help children and adults meet God every day. Please pray regularly that God will enable SU to take advantage of these opportunities and carry forward this important ministry. Here are some specific areas for prayer:

  1. New Staff. Scripture Union has a good ministry philosophy, a strategic vision, and good programs and curricula. We've also attracted a major league partner (The Salvation Army). We desperately need more staff to lead ther way in implementing these programs on a local level. Pray that God will provide the right people and the start-up funding we'll need.
  2. Existing Field Staff. Pray that God will enable them to share PrimeTime, SuperKids, The Essential 100 Challenge, The Essential Jesus Challenge and the Bible reading guides, Discovery and Encounter with God, with many churches and individuals to the glory of God in the lives of many children and adults.
  3. Membership Growth. For over 20 years, the number of SU members has stayed roughly the same. However, to support its growing ministry, Scripture Union needs to double the number of members over the next couple years. Pray that God will lead many new people to join Scripture Union.
  4. The Essential 100 Challenge and The Essential Jesus Challenge. Pray that God would use these simple programs to have a significant impact on the churches and individuals using it. Pray that thousands more would sign up and that God would use these programs to ignite a Bible reading revival in America and bring many to know or know more deeply, the Savior Jesus.
  5. Finances. Ask God to provide for Scripture Union's financial needs between now the end of the fiscal year on June 30. The summer SuperKids ministry, especially, requires extensive funding as we move into the summer months.
  6. Thanks for God's continual leading. Thank God for continuing to open doors and lead SU into new and growing ministry! Also pray that, with all the exciting opportunities God's giving us, we would remain diligent about waiting on his timing and his resources for everything we do.


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