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Please complete both pages one and two of the volunteer application.

Volunteers are asked to submit two references, one from a pastor and one of your choosing.

Every volunteer is asked to complete the medical form in order to participate in a SuperKids® summer mission. 

Welcome to our Volunteer Resource Area. Thank-you for your interest in considering a volunteer opportunity with Scripture Union. We need volunteers and welcome an opportunity to speak with you regarding your particular ministry interest. As you consider submitting an application, please feel free to contact us by calling 1-800-621-LAMP.  A preliminary conversation may be helpful in understanding our specific needs and matching you with the best opportunity.

Scripture Union has many opportunities for ministry. Volunteers can help organize a Children's Ministry in their local communities or they can travel to mission locations in a city or on a beach anywhere in the US. Scripture Union can help almost anyone find a way to be involved in SuperKids Children's Outreach Missions or our PrimeTime After School Program. If you are a college student looking for a way to be involved the entire summer, a family interested in spending a week's vacation doing something of lasting value, or a Youth Group leader looking for a way to introduce your youth group to an evangelistic outreach among children, we can work with you!

But that's not all. If you would like to help introduce others to the life changing benefits of daily Bible reading and prayer  using the Scripture Union method we can help you become a Bible reading advocate for S.U.

Mission Director Resources

Check out our SuperKids outreach ministry resources.

Office Help: Do you live near Valley Forge, PA? You can help Scripture Union in their National office with mailings, phone reception or data entry on our computers. You can serve as needed or on a regular schedule.

  • PrimeTime Volunteers: We are actively seeking to partner with local churches to host this unique Bible-based after school program. Use our curriculum and expert training to run an after school program in your church.
  • SuperKids Outreach Mission Volunteer Leaders: we have an ongoing need for new Mission Leaders to help Scripture Union reach more children with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Mission Leaders will help us pioneer new missions or continue with established missions.
  • SuperKids Outreach Mission Volunteers: a typical outreach mission lasts one or two weeks. Mission volunteers are needed to minister directly to the children in songs, skits, small groups and one on one. They may also fill the behind-the-scenes tasks. Wherever your talents lie or desire is, God will use you if you offer yourself.
  • Families: entire families can come on a mission and work together in a challenging, rewarding and memorable experience.
  • SuperKids Summer Interns: Are you looking for a way to spend the summer in rewarding, hands on children's ministry? Often you may receive college credit for summer mission work to children. Summer internships are available and there are locations throughout the U.S. where you can serve...some may be out your own front door!
  • Bible Reading Advocates: Do you agree that Scripture Union's Bible reading guides and the Scripture Union Bible reading method are the best available? If so, perhaps you would like to volunteer as a Scripture Union Bible reading advocate in your area.
  • SU Partners Fellowship: SU Partners agree to pray daily for the work of Scripture Union and financially support the ministry each month.


You may also Contact us by email or Call 1-800-621-LAMP for more information on how you can be part of Scripture Union's ministry Team.


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